Are you freaking READY for your soul shift

Are you freaking READY for your soul shift, sister!?

The doors to our second round of “The Soul Shift Project” are OFFICIALLY open, and we can’t wait for YOU to join us! Email was blasted out to the Wait List Monday morning & you’re the next to get first dibs before this class fills up!

Honestly, we are still on a CRAZY high after our final celebration call with the May Class and we can’t wait to get this into YOUR hands!

We believe so MUCH in the power of betting on YOURSELF and investing in you & your own growth journey, because we have invested in ourselves for 3 years now and still CONTINUE to as we grow! We’re all on this crazy soul-searching, up-leveling, being a better ME journey together! So we want to bring to YOU what we feel is so freaking IMPORTANT and can’t wait any longer. And THAT is how the Soul Shift Project was born.

Over the 6 weeks, we’ll spend the first 3 on DEEP soul-searching, clearing the bullshit, and getting CRAZY clear on who YOU are. Then we’ll end with 3 weeks of STRATEGY so you can discover what it is you really want and what STEPS to even take next! Sound like your kinda gig!?

And if you’re still on the fence… you’re feeling that TUG but you’re scared shitless right now? Head on over & schedule your free virtual coffee chat with us to see if we’re a good fit! Or simply comment below and we can shoot you a private message!

We can’t WAIT to share with you this whole soul meets purpose meets MASSIVE ACTION course that is changing LIVES & businesses DAILY. See you soon!? We sure hope so!!

Olivia & Crystal

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